DiceKEY Akhanev is a music project led by a composer/ keyboardist Daiki Akahane.
Its music mixes and incorporates influences from a wide range of genres including jazz, pop, classical and rock.

Its band structure is fluid and ranges from Daiki’s solo piano to a quartet involving guitar, bass and drums, but recent gigs are basically performed in a piano-cajon duo setting with Daiki on piano and a drummer Takehito Katsuya on cajon.
For details about the DUO, please see below.

DiceKEY Akhanev DUO Formed in 2014 in Tokyo by a composer/pianist Daiki Akahane and drummer/cajonist Takehito Katsuya, DiceKEY Akhanev DUO have sought to create acoustic music which maintains lyricism from the 20th century but also accommodates more “digitized” and punctuated rhythm feelings of the 21st century. Its music is based on jazz/fusion but encompasses a wider range of genres such as pops and world music.